Fun. Family. Friends.

What is Grillville?

At the end of the day, Barbecuing (in present times) should be all about “fun”! No matter how humble your Barbecue, be it a small Charcoal Hibachi, or an elaborate build-in Gas Range, or a fly-wheel Chilean or South African coal/wood barbecue, Grillville products should and will make the barbecue process more efficient and more enjoyable, so we can all get to “doing” what’s most important and that is enjoying your family and friends.

Barbecuing was not invented in America, it came from many countries around the world including Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Korea, Japan, India, several African countries and the middle-east. It was, therefore, necessary to find the “best” Barbecue methods and equipment from those countries and re-imagine how some of them could be updated and changed enough to popularize them not only for Americans but for people around the world.

The “idea” of Grillville

started about 5 years ago, and it kind of came out of our recognition that most Barbecue accessories and cooking
equipment tended to be generally “cheap’ish” and almost “throw-away” in terms of their quality and how they were made, and most important was that most lacked virtually “any” innovation.

Because your grill accessories are as important as your grill.

DURABILITY – This really was central in our thinking, and so we’ve designed and developed products which are durable and “will” stand-up to many years of sustained usage.

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